Peter Dragon

Free Fall  

Outta Line x (He is What He is x Sunshine & Whiskey 41-2)

Littermate to May We All

Stress negative



-Free Fall is the belted littermate to May We All who has been more than impressive in his own right!


-Free Fall and his brother will bring change and a breath of fresh air to the show pig world. They are no mistake and we believe they're desperately needed in this day and age!


-These guys bring growth and ruggedness to a new level without sacrificing the extras we all want and need!


-Free Fall is well over market weight at 6 months of age and he looks right! He offers a near flawless skeleton in an athletic build with all the stoutness and look you'd expect from a leading show pig sire.


-Get on the bus or get left behind! This one is next level!


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