Peter Dragon


Jack Daniels x Wedding Night 34-2

(Wedding Night x No Fare 10-11)

STRESS negative

Pre-Order Pricing: $250/Dose

Overrun pricing: $125/Dose


-The one we couldn't wait to get into the boar barn!! 

-Offers a pedigree stacked with great individuals from our program, including two shots of the great 10-11 "Maddi" sow (No Mercy's sister and Sunshine & Whiskey's mom) and Monster Square 46-1 -- the dam of the 2017 Grand Barrow at IN and the 2018 Grand Overall Commercial Gilt at OYE.

-This one's skeleton and running gears are next level. He's strong pasterned, long striding, and moves like an athlete! 

-Offers great shape and pin width in a more moderate size, yet is tall shouldered and offers great extension up front

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