Peter Dragon

John Wayne
Visionary x Private Party x Super Monster

Dam is a littermate to the $55,000 Double Nickel, and grand dam is a littermate to the Grand Champion Barrow at Denver, as well as Mile High

$33,000 Duncan purchase from Diamond V Show Pigs 

Stress: negative

Pre-Order Pricing: $150/Dose

Offseason pricing: $75/Dose


-The one we HAD TO HAVE at Duncan!

-The tallest fronted one we've ever seen, this one is flat sexy!

-Offers tremendous width at the ground coupled with the bulk and mass up high needed to win barrow shows

-Has generated more interest than any other sire in stud!

-The logical next step for our program


Peter Dragon

Champion York Barrow

Rodeo Austin 2017

Sired by John Wayne


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