Peter Dragon

Jump Around

Leaps & Bounds x (Gas Money x Pants Down)

Reg # 622357004

Ear notch: 230-4

Pre-Order Pricing: $250/Dose

Offseason pricing: $125/Dose


-Jump Around is one exciting individual, and he's the best male out of the best litter of Yorkshires ever farrowed in Colusa! 


-Jump Around's dam was purchased as the top selling York gilt at the Tulsa State Fair in 2017 from Mark Gray & family, and she was bred by Hilty. She's moderate framed, extra stout featured, and extra square and big footed.


-This guy is built to make barrows! He's tall fronted and offers a killer look from the side yet is bulky and shapely on his topside. He will see many crosses here in Colusa.


-We think Jump Around moves us forward in several directions. He's a bigger framed boar that offers a monster chest and BIG legs. He's got big, even toes, his pasterns are perfect, and his mobility off both ends is great. From the looks of things, we will be building around this guy, his mom, and his elite sisters moving forward. 


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