Peter Dragon

No No

Shine On x Warfare 73-6 (Scared Straight, Straight Survivor,  Lego, & Tombstone's mom)

STRESS negative

Pre-Order Pricing: $150/Dose

Offseason pricing: $75/Dose


-No No has been a lot of fun to watch grow up in the show barn and there's never been a question that he would wind up in the stud someday. He shares the same dam as Scared Straight, his clone Straight Survivor, the $60,000 Lego boar, and Tombstone -- the great Warfare 73-6. 


-No No is a great built, strong pasterned, extra athletic boar with a great up headed attitude. Like his half sibs, he's enormous through the center part of his body and massive when you get on top of him.


-We believe No No is one of those boars that shouldn't screw anything up. He brings forth a great deal of bulk and power without sacrificing structural integrity. He should sire smaller pigs at birth that are complete in their make up, yet still offer enough of the extras to find the winners circle


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