Peter Dragon


Wedding Night x Monumental

stress: negative

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Nightlife is an off farm purchase from Ottenwalter Showpigs, and they need no introduction to the industry. This boar is one that can be bred to all kinds of females because he is the no holes kind with the extras. His mother was a real generator and this was her last litter. She was sired by Monumental and that boar on sow sides have kept showing up time and time again. Sired by Wedding Night at Ottenwalter and a boar that has done an incredible job making winning barrows and gilts.


Nightlife is one that is great in terms of structure and balance, yet still has those extras. He is a level built boar that is square and shapley on the topside with great rib shape and center body. He is a stout headed hog that comes at you wide and square, leaves you big ended, and square hocked with stifle shape. He is great on his pasterns with big feet, is heavy boned, and very good on the move. Making the kind of hogs that it takes to win the big ones can be made easier if you have NIGHTLIFE!!!!


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