Peter Dragon


Mayhem x Got Em

stress: Unknown



Organized Chaos is an off the farm purchase from Ottenwalters and we weren’t looking for another Landrace till we got this guy’s video and pictures. Combining the two most winning sires in the Landrace breed the past 2 years and the build and design that was different than we hadOttenwalters have built their Landrace program the past few years and have hung a pile of banners and this guy will keep that winning tradition going.


Organized Chaos is one awesome looking, tall fronted boar that is more extended in his kind. Square off both ends with great pastern set and can reach and go. We feel that this boar offers some more look and design for those power sows that need to be a shot bigger in their kind and not give up muscle. When trying to get Landrace winners in order for the next generation, then get some ORGANIZED CHAOS!!!


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