Peter Dragon

The Officiant

Wedding Night x Outmanned x Sunshine’s Mom

stress: Unknown

Semen:Available through every Sunday
Bred and Owned with: Ottenwalter Showpigs



If you have never made the trip to Ottenwalter’s you are missing out. It’s been a privilege over the years to call their baby pig sales, last April was no exception. Between preview and the sale Russell showed me a blue boar. It didn’t take much looking for me to fall in love. Right away I started dealing to get him to STG. Russell explained he wassired by Wedding Night and out of an Outmanned sow. He said the best part of the pedigree might be the Outmanned sow’s mom. She is Sunshine’s mom too. That really got my attention. Sunshine’s mom is a beast. She has a huge influence in the Ottenwalter herd and is tied to many of their champions. Sunshine himself was noted for good looking, square built stock that had ideal rib with incredible hips and hind legs. These same traits were prevalent in this blue boar. Unquestionably, Wedding Night is a dominate sire. You can hardly log onto Facebook and not see a win he had that week. Long story short, The Officiant got loaded and here we are today. Everybody remembers their first Wedding Night, we will never forget ours.


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