Peter Dragon

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Peter Dragon

Peter DragonPeter Dragon


Sunshine & Whiskey
Fame monster x no fare x perfect remedy x black attack

STRESS Carrier

Dam is a full sister to No Mercy.


-The man himself, Sunshine is fast becoming a household name

-Still seeing many of our best sows, despite being used hard these past three seasons. Arguably he has more value now than ever before!

-Linebred pedigree that combines many shots of Super Monster and Super 7, and grandma is our legendary Perfect Remedy 4-8 sow

-Has sired more "BIG TIME" individuals produced by this firm than any other sire, including:

  • The Reserve Dark Cross Barrow at the State Fair of Texas
  • The Reserve Grand Barrow at the Sioux Empire Farm Show
  • The $16,000 Blocker gilt at OYE 2016
  • The Reserve Middleweight Hamp Barrow at San Antonio 2016
  • The $8000 Grand Overall Weanling Gilt at the 2016 Major League Sale 

-Sires back shape and bone to a high level and will fix feet and leg placement issues. Built from the ground up!



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