No Mercy

Wedding Night 9-12
Wedding Night x Renig 15-10 (Renig x Hillbilly Bone 74-8 x Toxic 69-4)

STRESS negative


Our $10,000 class winning boar entry at the 2014 Fall Classic. Dam is one of our best generating sows that was Grand Overall at San Angelo as a show gilt from Jason Foote. Outstanding option to add that flashy blue color with a little different pedigree.


-The power hog we've been searching for! The most exciting boar prospect we've produced since Big Time!

-Monster chest, forearm, and shoulder blade that leads into a gigantic back

-Tremendous hip and rear leg design with perfect feet, even toes, and strong pasterns

-A rib shorter bodied and bolder sprung than daddy

-Logical next step for Tombstone daughters

-Renig 15-10 dam is one for the ages -- our #1 young sow that raised the Grand Barrow at the Kansas State Fair in her first litter

Peter Dragon

Dam of Wedding Night 9-12


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