Here at Ottenwalter Show Pigs we have long prided ourselves in the quality of our sowherd. As most good hog breeders know, elite females are the key to any successful breeding program, and continually striving for genetic improvement is what drives success in this business. While a majority of our sowherd is derived as keeper gilts, we believe it is vitally important to lay in new genetics from time to time when we come across them. Below are photos of gilts we've either purchased or raised over the years that have become a part of our program. While our quest for constant improvement never ends, these girls and many, many more back in the sow barn are the reason why we've become known as "the nation's elite sowherd".





Gilt Purchases


Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt 

2018 World Pork Expo 

Kiss My Socks x Anything Goes 

Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt 

2018 World Pork Expo 

Outmanned x Oxygen


Champion Duroc & Reserve Grand Overall

2018 World Pork Expo Junior National

Purchased from Utterback

Bohannon x Hes the One




Gilt Purchases


Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt & 5th Overall Gilt

2017 WPX Junior National

Shown by Alia Rodgers

(Attention x Lifetime)

Bred Here

we are beyond excited to have this girl back to headline our Duroc program!


Champion Duroc Gilt

2017 Arizona Nationals 

Shown by Noa Taipin

Bred by Rodibaugh
Sired by King of Queens

Grand Champion Purebred Gilt 

2014 Tulsa State Fair

Purchased from the Davies family

Ricochet x King George

1-1 is serving as the matriarch of our York program. Her first litter produced the $37,000 El Dorado boar that was Champion at Duncan and now stands at Hi Point. Her second litter produced Born Ready in stud here. We have six daughters currently serving in the program. A true breeding female! 



Colt 45 x Monumental 98-6

2015 Grand Champion Gilt Tulsa State Fair 

Bred Here & Purchased back from

Dylan Evans in late 2016

Littermate to Standoff at Crossroads

Bred to Wedding Night :: Due 6/25



Bear 84 x Creature

Bred by Cobb & purchased from

Dylan Evans in late 2016

Bred to Wedding Night :: Due 6/25



West Coast x Warfare 9-8

$23,000 Lot 1 female purchase from Eggers partial Dispersal

Bred to Big Man on Campus :: Due 8/22


Mr. Wolf x Empire x Anchor 46-8

Purchased from Heimer 6/21/17

Littermate to White Walker and mother of White Privelege

Bred to White Russian :: Due 8/29



Mountain Man x 53-11 (Black Attack x Eye Candy)

Purchased from Heimer 6/21/17

Daughter of the great Black Attack 53-11 sow at Heimer's. Raised the Grand Barrow at the California State Fair in 2015 and Reserve Cross Barrow at Western Regional 2016.






Gilt Purchases


Champion Weanling Gilt

2016 NSR Fall Classic 

Purchased from S & K Farms
Sired by Slug

Class winning Duroc Gilt 

2016 Indiana State Fair Junior Show 

Sired by King of Queens


Supreme Grand Champion & Top Selling Gilt 

Arizona National Stock Show

Neon Moon x True Grit

Shown by The Johnson Family

This tremendous breeding piece hit us as hard as any Yorkshire female we have ever come across! 

$19,000 Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt

2016 WPX Junior Show

Bear 274 x Maverick

The MUST HAVE gilt from the World Pork Expo. We are BEYOND EXCITED about

what this one can do and her long term effect on our program!



Gilt Purchases

Supreme Champion Crossbred Gilt
2015 California State Fair
Reserve Supreme Jackpot Pig
California Pork Spectaular

Fortune x pipeline

$10,000 purchase from Kylee Gillard
Bred by Newcastle Genetics

This gilt is one of the more exciting females we've come across in the past couple years and we are ecstatic about what she can do for our program!


Supreme Champion Jackpot Pig

2015 California Pork Spectacular

Res Supreme & Champ Hamp - Napa County Fair

Beyond x Swagger

Shown by Alia Rodgers

Bred by Ottenwalter Farms

Perhaps our best creation yet! We were so excited when we laid eyes on this gilt in Napa that we had to buy her back for our program! We couldn't be more pumped about putting this dominant show gilt back into the herd!

Reserve Supreme Champion at Cow Palace

High placing & sale making gilt at Arizona Nationals

I'm the Man x Touch Em All

Purchased from the Gillard Family

Bred by Newcastle Genetics

We are extra excited about this one's potential!


Champion Duroc & Reserve Supreme

2015 NJSA Western Regional

Different deal x high roller

Bred by Beyers Farms

Reserve Champion York Gilt
2015 NJSA Western Regional

Bred by Oklahoma State University


Champion Gilt

2015 Fort Worth Stock Show

Changer x Candy Cane

Purchased at Belton from Gross Livestock

$21,000 Champion Hamp Gilt
2015 Southwest Type Conference

Revival x Bushog

Bred by Sharrett Family Farms
This gilt has us excited about Hampshires!



Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt

2015 Arizona National

Slingblade x hillbilly bone

Purchased from Brianna Cebellero and Bred by Malay Show Pigs.

2015 Indiana state fair

mvp x Tap Datt

Purchased from Brady Ostrum


High Selling Cross Gilt
2015 Winter Type Conference

Purchased from the Jacobsen Family
Sired by Fortune


2015 OYE Gilt Purchases


Popular Commercial Gilt Purchase from Blake Kennedy

Historic x Monumental x Private Drive

Lot 15 Shown by Mikala Phillips

Colt 45 x Full Strut

Bred by Ottenwalter Showpigs
Littermate to the $18,000 George Cooper Boar purchase at Perfect Timing
When we saw this gilt hit the ring at OYE, we knew we had to buy her back! Congratulations to the McGuire boys on an awesome job managing this one!


Lot 50 shown by Shyann Mcwhirter

Mandingo x Bone In Hand

Bred by Willie Kirkpatrick

Lot 66 shown by Kody Redden

Kissing Cousins x Turbo

Bred by Ryan Sites


Lot 68 shown by Cody Hugle

Double Deep x War Turkey

Lot 102 shown by Cade Miller

Bear 84 x Creature

Bred by Cobb


Lot 107

Swagger x Gone Viral

Bred by Winmor Farms



Gilt Purchases


Reserve Champion Cross Gilt at Arizona Nationals
$15,000 Arizona National Gilt Purchase

Grizzly Adams x Blue Blood

She was also named Supreme Champion Gilt Overall at the Grand National Cow Palace

Bred by: Desert Showpigs


Champion Yorkshire Gilt - Fall Classic

Shoot the moon x Head on

Purchased from Travis Platt



Purchased from Cobb



Bear x Stick this

Cobb Bred Gilt Purchase

Champion Crossbred Gilt - 2014 SWTC

Mr. Wolf x Super Special

Purchased from Kelton Ward


Oklahoma Youth Expo Purchases


Reserve champion commercial gilt oye

colt 45 x recovery

Service Sire: Zig Zag
Farrow Date: 9-11-14

Purchased from Noah Irwin and bred by Brinning

Champion Duroc Gilt OYE

Redneck romeo x hacksaw

Service Sire: Iconic
Farrow Date: 9-11-14

Purchased from Cade Childers


reserve hamp gilt oye

Point Taken x Homegrown

Service Sire: Hats Off
Farrow Date: 8-21-14

Purchased from Cade Childers and Bred by Ottenwalter Showpigs

lot 28 commercial gilt

force of nature x hillbilly bone

Service Sire: Maverick
Farrow Date: 9-10-14

Purchased from Jayce Lovelady and bred by Ottenwalter Showpigs


lot 30 commercial gilt

California kid x wow

Service Sire: Full Strut
Farrow Date: 9-16-14

Purchased from Clayton White and bred by Rockin G

lot 41 commercial gilt & Champion weanling Gilt at Duncan

Sired by: Full Strut

Service Sire: Colt 45
Farrow Date: 8-31-14

Purchased from Lainey Dyer and bred by Stauffer


lot 71 commercial gilt

perfect love x true love

Service Sire: Scared Straight
Farrow Date: 9-4-14

Purchased from Rachel Rumsey


Gilt Purchases

2013 Indiana State Fair Gilt Purchase 2013 OYE Gilt Purchase

$16,000 Class Winner
2012 Indiana State Fair Gilt Purchase from Whyatt and Welborn
Swagger x Heimlick x SPace Monkey

Champion Yorkshire GIlt
Southwest District, OK
Sired by Snowplow



OYE Gilt Purchases

2013 OYE Gilt Purchase 2013 OYE Gilt Purchase

Champion Duroc Gilt
Crown Royal x Hi Profile

Lot 25
True Love x Super Monster

2013 OYE Gilt Purchase 2013 OYE Gilt Purchase

Lot 76
Armageddon x Ear Muffs

Lot 97
True Love x Royal Blood




Warfare x Alias 106-4
Service Sire: Monumental
Farrow Date: 12/6/12

Cici was the winningest jackpot pig in America in the spring of 2012 - she won the Indiana Points Circuit and was widely recognized as the one to beat in 2012. When we saw her at the World Pork Expo, we knew she need to come to Colusa. Thanks to Nick Mauck for selling us this elite female.


Man O' War x White Tiger (Littermate to Warfare)
Service Sire: Warfare
Farrow Date: 1/10/12

"When I decided to do this, I realized that I would have to let some very important pieces go in order to make this sale successful for both myself and the customer. With that said, I may be going a bit overboard here. 1-4 had a very illustrious show career which was concluded by her being named Champion Commercial Gilt at the 2009 Texas State Fair. Following her show career, her and her brother made the trip up to North Texas and the rest has been history. After having the World Record $27,000 Crossbred Gilt in Des Moines to start the summer, she ended it by having the Grand Champion Market Hog at the 2011 Iowa State Fair. 1-4 is a truly unique breeding piece, and one that has given us many memorable moments here at Fischer Show Pigs." -Mike Fischer

Ottenwalter Showpigs is very excited to have proven generator of great ones now with us in CA!

Champ Crossbred

Champion Crossbred Gilt
2011 Western All Breeds
Oklahoma Breakdown x Toxic
Purchased from No Limit Genetics : We're as excited about this one as any we've bought in a while!


Gilt Purchases

Lot 6
San Angelo Gilt Sale
Paparazzi x Big Debate

Supreme Overall Gilt & Champion Hampshire
NJSA Western Regional
Homebody x Model T
Bred by Ted Laird and Family
Shown by Alexis Hernandez


OYe Purchases

Lot 13
Ear Muffs x I am Legend

Lot 27
13th Commercial
Ringleader x Mack Attack


Lot 32
3rd Hampshire
Homegrown x Unreal
Bred By us

Lot 41
18th Commercial
Ear Muffs x Alternative


Lot 42
19th Commercial
Warfare x Square One

Lot 80
34th Commercial
Super 8 x Strike it rich


Lot 89
39th Commercial
Detox x Natural Disaster

Lot 97
47th Commercial
Overdose x Fatal (Full Sib to Ear Muffs)

Discover Gilt
Champion Progress Pig
2011 California Pork Spectacular

Supreme Champion Gilt
2011 NJSA Western Regional
Night Tripp x Bulletproof
Bred and Retained by Us


Reserve Market Division
2011 California Pork Spectacular Jackpot

Toxic 28-3 x Black Attack
Bred and Retained by Us

reserve Hampshire Gilt
2011 NJSA Western Regional

Homegrown by Unreal
Bred and Retained by Us


CHampion Landrace Gilt
2011 NJSA Western Regional

Zeus x Insight
Bred and Retained by Us

Grand Champion Hampshire Gilt
2011 LSU Jr. Livestock Show

Southern Comfort x Unreal


Reserve Champion Hamp Gilt
2010 Fall Classic
Purchased from Mike Watson

Forefront X Snake Eyes

$16,000 Supreme Champion Club Pig
2010 Fall Classic
Purchased from Mike Watson

Forefront X Bailout

OYE Gilt Purchases

Lot 10
Flashpoint X Night Tripps

Lot 81
Steel WHeels X Blank Check


Lot 77
Steel Wheels X Blank Check

Lot 14
Swamp Fever X Fatal


Also Purchased at OYE

Lot 69

Big Ern X Alias 27-2

2 0

$6200 Purchase at 2010 WPX
from Lance Ryan Family

Toxic X Monster X Gone Wild

Champion Crossbred Gilt
2010 World Pork Expo

0 0

2010 San Angelo

Steel Wheels

Reserve Champion & Top Selling Gilt
2010 San Angelo

Super Power X Big Dawg

0 0

Duelm Gilt Purchase
2010 San Angelo

Whitey Herzog x Double Dare

X19-6 (Immortal 60-1 x Fatal)
Top Selling Gilt
2008 Indiana Crossbred Classic
Bred by Funkhouser

Mother of the $130,000 Co-World Record Selling
Crossbred Boar (Big Time) purchased by Tom Moyer
and Family at the '09 Indiana Crossbred Classic. Also,
the mother of the $50,000 boar (Big Blast)
purchased by Top Cut at the '09 Indiana
Crossbred Classic.This female is impressive and
has proved herself to be an elite sow in
our herd for years to come!


Supreme Champion Market Hog
2009 Illinois State Fair
Shown by Christine Todd

Champion Cross Gilt
2009 Indiana State Fair Junior Show
11 time grand or reserve overall gilt
2009 Indiana Show Circuit

Congratulations Jake Hoffman and thank you for
the opportunity to purchase this outstanding female!



Reserve Champion Cross - Ring A
2009 Belt Buckle Bonanza
Shown by Reagan Langemeier

She is a full sib to the $20,000 World Record
Selling Crossbred Gilt and many-time Jackpot Champion

Champion Cross Gilt and reserve overall
2009 San Angelo Stock Show
Sired by Smack That



$5,700 yorkshire Gilt purchase
2009 Indiana State fair

Thank you Sobasky Family for allowing
us to purchase this wonderful gilt!

Supreme Champion breeding Gilt
2009 houston livestock show
sired by reconnect
Shown by Reagan Langemeier


Reserve Champion Cross Gilt
2009 San Angelo Stock Show
Sired by Smack That

i am legend x eye candy
6th overall commercial Gilt
2009 oye


Reserve Hampshire Breeding Gilt
2009 houston livestock show
Shown by Reagan Langemeier

Night tripp x pipe dream
popular $5,100 york gilt
2009 oklahoma city



$5000 Reserve York Gilt
2009 SWTC - Belton

double dare 39-1 gilt
class 2 winner, 2009 oye



reserve heavy cross, 2009 oye
champion gilt, 2009 sw district
champion york points winner, 2009 ocpa
reserve white cross, 2008 fall classic-duncan

2009 oklahoma city
Shown by Rhylee Straka

Fatal 87-2 X Super 7
Many-time jackpot winner in california
Spring 2009

Shown by Kylie Watson



Champion York and Supreme Champion Gilt
2008 California State Fair

2008 Cow Palace Champion
Anonymous Sow - many daughters are in our herd



Supreme Champion Gilt
2007 Oklahoma Youth Expo

Champion York
2009 Western All Breeds


Champion Landrace Gilt
2009 Western All Breeds

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