Peter Dragon

Born Ready 154-3
Born To Be x Ricochet 1-1

Yorkshire boar 


-Extra complete, balanced, FLAT GOOD Yorkshire boar! 

-Ricochet 1-1 momma is our foundation sow! In her first litter she raised our $37,000 Champion Yorkshire Boar (El Dorado) at the NSR Fall Classic, and she already has 6 daughters working within our herd out of her first two litters

-The pedigree behind this one is stacked with predictability and good individuals

-Moderate framed with extra extension up front

-Up on his pasterns, square and even toed, and tremendously square off both ends!



No Mercy

Bad Man 63
Bad Man x Perfect Remedy 4-8

STRESS negative


-THE elite Bad Man son! This guy is a mirror image of his sire with a shot more shape up high!

-Dam is NONE OTHER THAN 4-8, our foundation sow and No Mercy's mom. We have over a dozen daughters in production. She's as functional and productive as they come and her progeny and grand progeny are always the best within their respective sets of pigs

-Enormous skull, tree trunks for legs, and a gigantic center body

-Square legged and correct with an ideal pastern set in a super tall fronted and bold package!


Peter Dragon

Sunshine & Whiskey
Fame monster x no fare x perfect remedy x black attack

STRESS Carrier


Peter Dragon

Peter DragonPeter Dragon



-The man himself, Sunshine is fast becoming a household name

-Still seeing many of our best sows, despite being used hard these past three seasons. Arguably he has more value now than ever before!

-Linebred pedigree that combines many shots of Super Monster and Super 7, and grandma is our legendary Perfect Remedy 4-8 sow

-Has sired more "BIG TIME" individuals produced by this firm than any other sire, including:

  • The Reserve Dark Cross Barrow at the State Fair of Texas
  • The Reserve Grand Barrow at the Sioux Empire Farm Show
  • The $16,000 Blocker gilt at OYE 2016
  • The Reserve Middleweight Hamp Barrow at San Antonio 2016
  • The $8000 Grand Overall Weanling Gilt at the 2016 Major League Sale 

-Sires back shape and bone to a high level and will fix feet and leg placement issues. Built from the ground up!


No Mercy

Wedding Night 9-12
Wedding Night x Renig 15-10 (Renig x Hillbilly Bone 74-8 x Toxic 69-4)

STRESS negative


Our $10,000 class winning boar entry at the 2014 Fall Classic. Dam is one of our best generating sows that was Grand Overall at San Angelo as a show gilt from Jason Foote. Outstanding option to add that flashy blue color with a little different pedigree.


-The power hog we've been searching for! The most exciting boar prospect we've produced since Big Time!

-Monster chest, forearm, and shoulder blade that leads into a gigantic back

-Tremendous hip and rear leg design with perfect feet, even toes, and strong pasterns

-A rib shorter bodied and bolder sprung than daddy

-Logical next step for Tombstone daughters

-Renig 15-10 dam is one for the ages -- our #1 young sow that raised the Grand Barrow at the Kansas State Fair in her first litter

Peter Dragon

Dam of Wedding Night 9-12

Sires Used

Smoke on the Water

Renig x Smack That x Super 7

stress: negative

Owned with : Real McCoy Genetics

To Purchase Semen Contact: Real McCoy Genetics (740) 437-7478


Our $10,000 class winning boar entry at the 2014 Fall Classic. Dam is one of our best generating sows that was Grand Overall at San Angelo as a show gilt from Jason Foote. Outstanding option to add that flashy blue color with a little different pedigree.



Scared Straight 

Pictured at 6 months of age

Scared Straight
Main event (warfare x detox x supernatural's sister) -- lego's mom

Semen Sales Pending


Scared Straight is the first herd boar to be retained here at Ottenwalter Show Pigs, and we couldn't be more pleased with what he's been accomplishing. His first pig crop has yielded numerous winners, including Claire McCormick's Grand Overall Barrow at both the Black and Gold Jackpot and also the Top of Texas jackpot. Most recently, he sired the $7,000 top selling barrow in our January, 2015 sale that Kade Hummel called "the best baby pig he's seen in Colusa over the past five years". Scared Straight's dam is our great 73-6 sow who continues to prove herself amongst our very elite females. She has also produced the $60,000 Lego boar we sold at Indiana State Fair, the Champion Berk barrow at LSU 2014, the Champion York barrow at the California State Fair in 2014, and more importantly, she has several daughters working within the herd. Scared Straight's grand dam was the 1-2 (Detox x Superman x Super 7) sow that raised the $75,000 Shooter and $27,000 California Kid boars we sold at the Indiana State Fair in 2012.


Champions sired by Scared Straight in his initial pig crop:

Ottenwalter Showpigs Champion      


Ottenwalter Showpigs Champion  Ottenwalter Showpigs Champion 



Littermate Barrows sold in our October 22nd Online sale and Dam of Scared Straight and Lego.


Peter Dragon

Peter Dragon
Fame Monster x Shooter x Perfect Remedy x Black Attack

Stress: Carrier


Peter Dragon is a boar that has gone largely under the radar here in our program. He was a part of our Indiana State Fair 2014 set, until a swollen lymph gland took him out of the running as a potential entry for us. However, he was bar none our absolute favorite of the set. He has been in our boar barn since August eating 5 lbs of sow feed a day with no TLC whatsoever. His gland has totally disappeared, and we have bred him to several key females because we know what he can do! He has an impeccable skeleton and his feet and toes are perfect. The way he handles his hip and his rear leg is absolutely ideal, and that ever so important trait comes with two big bonuses: 1) He is big and square through his chest floor and 2) He is heavy muscled, big topped, and shapely. As an added bonus, he is a linebred Super 7 with no Big Shot or Warfare anywhere in his pedigree. His maternal grandma is our great 4-8 (Perfect Remedy x Black Attack) sow -- the dam of No Mercy, and she has over a dozen daughters working within our herd.


No Mercy

one of a kind

point maker 72-7 x (Super Monster x Linebred Spud (Dam of Colt 45))

stress: negative

Owned with : Hi Point Genetics & Heimer Hampshires

To Purchase Semen Contact: Hi Point Genetics


When a picture of 19-1 was texted to a friend recently, the response back said "Hampshire sired ehh?" and my response was this "How else can one avoid Warfare, No Fare, Hillbilly Bone, Monumental, Bone Thug, Swagger and any other prominent Crossbred sire of the past few years?" Lots of folks are looking for something dierent and we are pretty sure 19-1 can fill the void! There is no question, the blue sow aectionately known as 'Colt's Mom' around here is the kind to build around. Her progeny - not just Colt but also her daughters - are making a bigger impact with each passing season and when she was bred to PM 72-7 we had one ultimate goal... make a boar. We wanted to make a son that could be the outcross sire that we - and so many others - need for our crossbred program. The litter was deep (mate gilts pictured) but the standout was 19-1 and he is EVERYTHING we hoped for. Colt 45 was really heavy structured - especially for a Swagger - and yet this guy takes structure to a whole new level. He is huge footed, big legged and stout at every indicator. For a power hog he's flexible, athletic and still great looking on the move. We plan to use this boar and even more, we truly believe the industry needs this boar. The door is open and the opportunity is here for a breeder, or group of breeders or a stud to partner with HH on one we think is incredible.

Ice Age

Ice Age

Mammoth x Full Dimension

Semen Sales Pending


Over the past three years, we have produced multiple champion and high-selling pigs sired by Ice Age. When Ben Moyer called and asked us if we had interest in purchasing Ice Age, it was a no-brainer! Everybody that sees him in person at the farm agrees he is the heaviest boned animal they have ever seen! On top of this, he sires great designed, level made, extra good structured pigs that feed and grow really well! He is being used heavily on our belted cross sows to make killer blues and replacement females.

Lexion  Lexion 

Swagger x (Triple Bar 7 x Batman x Super 7)

Purchased from RW Genetics

Lexion is a boar that brings many unique pieces to the puzzle for us. We believe the front one-third of this guy is as good as it could possibly get. He has a huge chest that is perfectly square, a monstrous forearm and shoulder blade, and his center rib shape is ideal. The pedigree behind this one offers many great individuals that we are excited to stack into some of the genetics we are working with. Lexion is going to breed some key females this summer and make a VERY positive contribution to our herd!



Bear Money

Bear Money
Bear x Super Monster x Vintage

Purchased from Tom Nasser and Bred by Final Drive Genetics

Special thanks to our friend Tom Nasser in Arizona for letting us bring this rascal to Colusa and try him on some elite females! When Tom told us about this boar, we were instantly intrigued by his pedigree -- for anyone that hasn't noticed, Bear has been flat getting the job done on every level. Aside from winning major barrow shows, Bear sons and daughters are contributing at the highest level within the Cobb program. But it gets better yet -- Bear Money's momma (blue sow pictured below) is a Super Monster x Vintage female direct from Cobb's who was a multiple-time Grand and Reserve overall on the IJSC show circuit in Indiana. We think Bear Money is made just like daddy! He is moderate framed, extremely stout featured, and awesome through his center body. His squareness from every angle you view him is outstanding and he is made to produce hogs that can flat get the job done -- in the show ring and out. The pedigree and genetic predictability cannot get much better! We will be utilizing this guy quite a bit as we mate sows this summer and fall!


Bear Money     Bear Money

Bear Money's Dam and Littermate Sister






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